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Combine same data in lookup field into one then list the quantity of each data

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I’m trying to see if it’s possible to list the quantity of each item from a lookup field.
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For example, I’m trying to create a field that will list how many tickets per priority (I can obviously do this through a chart but I’m trying to get the data here for page designer)

and how many tickets are plumbing related.

So i’m trying to get a field that display something like this:

  • 2 Plumbings tickets
  • 1 Sealer ticket
  • 1 Other / Request
  • 1 Kitchen appliance

Same for priority:

  • 1 Urgent ticket
  • 2 high priority tickets
  • 1 medium ticket
  • 1 low ticket
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You cannot do this directly in the lookup. You can create a conditional rollup for each select option that counts the number of times that particular option appears. Set the rollup condition to include only records where the select is a particular choice. Use the rollup formula COUNTALL(values)

Then you could have a different formula field that combines the values of those rollup fields.

    "- " & {rollup for urgent} & " urgent ticket(s)\n",
    "- " & {rollup for high priority} & " high priority ticket(s)\n",
    "- " & {rollup for medium} & " medium ticket(s)\n",
    "- " & {rollup for low} & " low ticket(s)"