Combining data from different tabs (like VLOOKUP) with same primary key

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a question and I was trying now to find a solution for a few hours.

Problem (simplified):
I have a few tabs:

  • One with the list of all stores (imagine these are thousands of stores)
  • And for each month I have an excel with the store name and the revenues




I would like to “import” the revenue data from the “Revenue 2022-01” and “Revenue 2021-12” sheet into the “Store overview” sheet.

What would be best way? Do I really have to use the “Link to another record” and duplicate the name of the store each time?


There must be a better solution… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here you go!

Essentially, instead of having different tables for the same type of record (in this case, a record for each report), you should have a single base with all your revenue reports, and then use differentiating data to group and sort them.

In this case, I put together a quick formula that allows you to see the month and year of a report.
Then, all you have to do from there is link the report to the respective store, and you’re golden!

I was gonna type out a long walkthrough, but I decided this would be faster.
Let me know if you have questions about it.