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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hello everybody,

After using the new community UI for some time, a couple of questions/suggestions have come.

  1. Is it reasonable to use such a large font in a blue stripe? What is the purpose? When I'm writing a new post it says New Message, covering a fourth of the screen.
  2. That's how much space a header takes

  3. At the same time editor area is tiny and is not expandable when you are in reply mode (at least in Chrome browser)

  4. Earlier I could stay signed in forever, however now I need to sign in at least daily.

    Sorry to sound too rude, but these things reduce my enthusiasm to bring something useful to the community. Does anybody agree or it is just my problem?
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This new community is a joke compared to the intuitive old one. It's also the reason very experienced users are staying away to answer questions, which is a real pity. As so often before, Airtable does things that are totally usefull to them, but not for their clients. So no, you're not being rude. 

You are not the only one who has usability issues with the new forum. You may have noticed that some of the old regulars post less frequently or not at all anymore due to these issues. 

Jordan created a form where we can report issues with the forum. Prior to the layoffs, Jordan indicated that she had resources to make improvements to the community forums, but the layoffs might have affected that. 

Appreciation post for @kuovonne who is keeping strong 💪😁