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Hi all,

For our organization we want to be able to generate invoices for internal use based on databases in Airtabel. The invoicing of our services consists of two layers in which customer users are placed. The users have a hierarchical relationship with each other. There are main users under which one or more sub-users are placed. Each main user receives their own invoice. There are about 300 main users and about 3500 sub-users. The price agreements are determined at the main user and sub-user level. The price agreements differentiate at main user level and sub-user level. The price agreements relate to four different types of costs:

  • Costs for a fixed number of services at a fixed price that are billed annually
  • Costs for a variable number of services with a fixed price that are billed annually
  • Costs for a variable number of services with a fixed price level that are billed monthly
  • Costs for a variable number of services with a variable price level that are billed monthly.

The number of billable services and user information are obtained from multiple databases in Airtabel. We have three different types of layout for our invoices. Some of the user data is similar on all layouts. Some user information, totals and specifications are unique per layout. In the layouts we want to be able to define information per sub-user or totals with data blocks. It must be possible to build the data blocks integrally in any layout and at any level. The position of the data blocks must be freely changeable within the layout. All billed services must be stored in a database in Airtable. The documents are compiled in the PDF and the data exported in XLS.

We would like to know if there is a suitable software arround that can do the logics and the specific lay-out layout configurations we are looking for?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Niels,

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Creating dynamic invoices per user info and creating specific layouts is exactly what you can do with the Google Docs function in our On2Air Actions app. It integrates directly with your Airtable data. You create multiple template types and it will generate different invoice types in Google Docs depending on which user/totals, etc.

You can then automatically export as a PDF back into an Attachment field in your base and/or output the URL into a field in your base.

You can try it out here to see if it works for you. Feel free to reach out to us in the chat for help.

Hannah - - Apps for Airtable - Dashboards, Forms, Backups, and Documents