Convert Addresses to Coordinates on Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

Apologies for the very basic newbie question… Is it possible to convert a list of (geographical) addresses into a list of corresponding longitudes and latitudes? I can see extensions that do it but just wondering if it’s possible within Airtable itself…

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No, you’d need to use some sort of App or maps API to convert addresses for you. "Addresses" is not a field type in Airtable and therefore a field value of "123 Main Street, City, CA" is treated the same way as "blue"

Thanks so much for your swift reply! So if I used a google API / geocoding I could connect that into a field on airtable?

Yep. You’d use one Airtable field to store addresses and set up an API integration that took those values and spit them back out as coordinates in another field for coordinates.

You may be able to get this done using an Airtable Automation that includes a Run Script action, though there might be another option I’m less familiar with. I haven’t personally used the geolocate API before so I wouldn’t really be much help in constructing the necessary script.