Re: Copy all the selections from one multiselect field and paste them into another table (in the same base)

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a massive multiselect field that needs to be in sync with another table, but I don’t want to have to type all the options all over again. Can I copy all the options and past them into another table?

I thought I saw a solution somewhere, but I can’t find it.

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Maybe this will help:

As a side note, if you find yourself using the same options in different tables, perhaps consider making a new table with those options as records and using that instead of a multiple select field. The benefit there is that any changes/updates you make to that table will automatically be available to any other table that links to it, plus you can do more useful things with those options like see how many are used, add lookup/rollup fields to pull data from the tables linking to them, etc.

Unfortunately, I already have data in fields. I tried to copy anyway, but the multi-select options did not copy over (only the data did). I thought about your other suggestion and tested it out, but the filter feature I need would not be present if I did it that way. That is unfortunate because making a lookup is so much easier to keep things synced. I already had a separate table for the options as well.

Based on my demo, the target field can’t already be the field type you want. It should be a single line text, which should force both the conversion and adding the desired options when you paste from another field type.

What filter feature is that?

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Ah! I changed it to a single line field and the pasted and that worked! :slightly_smiling_face:

The feature I am talking about is filtering by the options that are given in the multi-select field, as you can see in this screen capture:


I thought that might be it, but I wanted to confirm to be sure. I still find links preferable to single/multiple select fields, but that filter behavior with those other two is pretty convenient.

Awesome! Glad to hear that you got it working.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Make a new record and change it to multi-select if your field is single-select.

Add all the options to the record field.

Copy the record field and paste it into your record field in any table. Now you have all the options on the new field.

Hi there... 

I'm not sure how one can simply copy all the available options from a 'Multiple Select' field. I am:
- looking to have the same set of options available in another table