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Copying Records from one View to Another

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I’m a newbie with the software but I am trying to copy all data from one of my tables, and put it into a “master” tab so that we can see all of the data on one calendar view. Is there a formula that would let me do this? or a way to link the records?

I am currently using the “publish date” as a linked field but that’s making the date itself be the primary key and I would like the primary from the other tables to be the primary in the copied over data if at all possible.

I would appreciate any and all help you can offer!

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Welcome to the community, @Alex_Jones! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: It sounds like you may have more tables than you really need. There’s some detail missing from your description, but my guess is that you’ve made several tables to track publish dates for a variety of different things, like social media stuff for example. You may have a [Blog] table, a [Twitter] table, etc. Using this example, my suggestion is to put everything into a single table from the start, using something like a {Category} field to track if a given item is a blog post, a Twitter update, etc. You would then use views to show isolated groups by category, and a calendar view to show everything.

This thread from a couple weeks back goes into something very similar.