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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I manage a little league soccer team.

  • I have a table called “Players” with all the players.

  • I have a table calles “Games” with all the games.

  • The table “Games” has a column called “Type” because some games are indoors, some are outdoors.

  • The table “Games” also has a column called “Attendance” where I list all the players that attended that game.

My question is as follows: in the table “Players”, can I make a new column that counts the number of outdoor games that this specific player has attended?


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I think you need an “Attendances” table, with lines linking Games and Players. Then you could easily do this, and also record other data like “Minutes played”, “Injured”, and so on.

I recommend you to read:

There is a way of calculating the number of outdoor games played by a player using just those two tables with the fields you specified; however, it does make use of a non-intuitive calculation. I’ve put together an example base to demonstrating.

In brief, it performs a rollup to create a list of dates for each player on which he or she took part in an outdoor game. It then determines the number of separator characters in the list and adds 1 to arrive at the number of games played.

Field-specific information and formulas used can be found in the field descriptions.