Counting weeks but excluding certain date ranges

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey all,

I am using Airtable to count the number of weeks each staff member is working as we work on different time strings. However, some of these time strings include holidays (e.g. Christmas and Easter). Is there a formula I could use to count weeks but exclude certain date ranges?

For example I work 25/07/2022 - 13/01/2023, however, 26th Dec til 8th Jan is a shutdown period so wouldn’t count as 2 weeks of work time.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Hmm, what if you used WORKDAY_DIFF, put in the holidays, and then divided that result by 5?

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 9.28.26 AM

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

This is great, thank you! I missed a critical point, sorry - Would there be a possibility for something that counts in real time so you know what week you’re in? We have certain milestones in week 7, 11 and 16 of work so keeping track of that week is important too. And because each staff member has a different start date (and sometimes gets the different holidays) it needs to be unique for everyone.

Hmm, if it’s real time, I guess WEEK(TODAY()), which would give you a field that shows you today’s week number?

Sorry, I’m pretty sure I’m misunderstanding something. How would you use that data?