Re: Create random number code starting with a hashtag and a 2 letter prefix

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello dear Airtable community! :wave: Is it possible to add a fixed prefix with a randomly generated 4-digit number to a new entry? – So, a new entry is created with name and first name of a person in two columns. And in a previously created 3rd column called “CODE”, a 4-digit, randomly generated and unique number code is now automatically added (1234) to a previously defined prefix (#AB😞 for example #AB1234 or #AB9876. Who knows advice? Thank you very much in advance!!! :pray:

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I see - I was banking on the term “four digits” to mean numbers only. If true, the max possibilities are big enough for randomization, but this is no longer a random number challenge - it’s literally a GUID generation challenge which will likely will require script.