Creating a Master Tab to show all data from synched tabs

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We love the synched Airtable base option which is able to show us (for example) what work is in progress, by employee for up to 10 airtables. The one gripe we have is it would be really nice to see this all in one tab. I've tried fiddling around with creating a "Master" tab in the base by using a "linked" column in hopes to have the master tab contains all the linked views but am not getting anything to work. Is there any combination of AI/Automations available that might achieve this goal? We currently have the TEAM paid plan. Please and thank you for any information.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jasmine, 

If all of the work in progress need to be aggregated into a single table, it sounds like they are all the same and should probably be in one table in one base instead of 10 different bases.  Have you considering putting them into a single base?


Yes, what @Dan_Montoya said is your best solution here.

While you CAN sync multiple Airtable sources into the same table (you are not restricted to only one sync source per table), your best bet is to combine everything into one table and either use views or interfaces to separate the data by user.

Views must be manually created by you, but one interface can be dynamically set to only show the records for the currently logged-in user.

I cover how to use views in depth in my free Airtable training course, which you can take for free by signing up for a free 30-day trial with LinkedIn Learning.

We use Airtable to a pretty extreme extent and this would not be a solution. Each base tracks an entire events large scale order, from order, to design to production. When things need to be assigned to people they are in one view in that event's airtable. We work on many large scale events at once, so the synched table allows us to see what is in progress and the status across all bases, except we have to click across each tab. It's much better than before where we had to go into each base, but having one page would just be perfection lol. 

See my reply to Dan. This doesn't work for us.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It looks multi source syncs isn't included in TEAM but it is in Business.  If you want to use the model you outlined, you could do something like this:

Each project table has a linked record to your reporting table.  In the reporting table you lookup any common fields you want to report on.  Then a formula that looks to see if the data is coming from project 1, 2, or 3 (see pics)

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 10.48.50 AM.pngScreenshot 2024-02-01 at 10.48.36 AM.png


IF({Percentage Completed (from Project 2)}, 
{Percentage Completed (from Project 2)}, 

IF({Percentage Completed (from Project 3)}, {Percentage Completed (from Project 3)})

Unfortunately since I'd have to manually link each record this wouldn't work. To give you an idea we may have 30 new work orders, per day, per event/project. New ones being updated into the view and the completed work orders going out of the view. The only solution here would be if I could set up something that would be automated once I set it up, automatically update with the info. Sounds like that's not a possibility now. 

However your comment on "Multi source links" made me look this up and I found the Airtable support link about this. Very interesting this is available at the higher level. Thank you for pointing that out, something for our company to consider.