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Creating an interface like grid view with filters outside of airtable

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hi all,

Interface designer is great but one limitation that I wish it didn’t have is that to use an interface, one must be logged in. I testes softr a bit, and while it was close it doesn’t seem to have an option for a true tight grid like view that is in airtable.

Does anyone know of a good way to try and make a grid like interface with various filter options outside of airtable but that does use airtable records as the backend?

Heres a pic of what I want to accomplish but outside the interface designer. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Any advice appreciated. Softr seemed close but its list view is a bit on the big side, I need something where it can show any rows at once but with attachments. Even better would if I could get something going where people can choose to change between gallery view and grid view with easy.

Will I have to create a whole new website via webflow? 😕

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I would take a look at, which has a nice grid view.

Other popular options for Airtable portals (besides include,, and

Thanks Scott! Will check all those out!