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Re: Creating Linked Records for Project Management with Formula Field

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Good Morning!

I have a project field that is synced externally and uses a formula. I wanted to use that same project field (with the formula), to link to a tasks field. For some reason, I cannot link the Project Field to my Tasks field. The Projects field does have automation as well. Any tips?

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Hi @Nnenna_Anwara ,

I think you need to screenshot your tables so we can understand better.


Here is the primary field with “fxName”

It is in this Table “PM Testing”

More from “PM Testing Table”

I then tried to link The “FxName” field to “tasks” in the “PM Testing Tasks” table. Where the Projects in “FxName” are a one to many (tasks) relationship

Im still confused, sorry :grinning_face_with_sweat:

You need to have a Linked To Another Record field in the Tasks table to link it to the Projects table.

Is the Tasks Testing field in the PM Testing table linked to the correct table? If so, then you just create whatever record you want in Tasks Testing table and copy paste the Projects to the tasks

I know it is very confusing. I might need to start from scratch. The field with the “fxNames” is actually the field I wanted to link to “Tasks”, however I am not allowed to (the option is not provided). Then every time I link to a new field, the field comes up blank.

might have found my answer:

Within automations, you can link records using the primary field value for any of the primary field types—except the formula field type.

The field type has an automation and formula. Is there a workaround, or a way to assign projects?