Creating User-Specific Pages with Card Views in Airtable & Softr

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Community,

I'm currently working on an exciting project using Airtable and Softr and need some guidance to bring my vision to life. I appreciate any insights or advice you can offer!

Project Overview: I am building a web page that is accessible only after users log in. This page is designed to be unique for each user's account.

What I Want to Achieve:

  1. Personalized User Pages: Each user should see a page that is specifically tailored to them upon logging in.
  2. Card Views with Details: I intend to include card views on these pages. Each card should display:
    • Images
    • Descriptions
    • Names
    • Other relevant details
  3. Display of User-Submitted Applications: Users should also be able to view applications they have submitted.

The Challenge: My main challenge is configuring the system so that users can only see information and cards that are specific to their account. I'm unsure how to set up this level of personalization and data filtering in Airtable and Softr.

  1. What are the best practices for setting up card views that display only the information relevant to the logged-in user?
  2. Are there any specific Airtable fields or Softr settings I should be using to ensure data privacy and correct data display?
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