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4 - Data Explorer

I am helping to create an applicant tracking system (converting from an elaborate google spreadsheet) and am stuck on one thing. I need to track how many applicants we receive for each position from each source (such as Idealist or LinkedIn).

One table in my base is a list of the available positions. Another table in my base is a list of ad posting sources (aka, the different websites and forums where we post available job descriptions).

I am able to utilize linked fields and count fields to tell me how many ad posting sources I have posted each available position to, and also to tell me which source the candidate we eventually hire came to us through. However, I have not found any way to track the number of applications we receive for each position from each ad posting source. Anyone have thoughts on how to do this?

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I assume you also have a table with a list of all applications. You are going to need to create columns for all posting sources in both the APPLICATIONS and the POSITIONS tables.

In the APPLICATIONS table these columns will contain a formula:


In the POSITIONS table you can then roll up the relevant column: