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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I was under the impression that one could not access any of the Dashboards via the mobile app. There is no button to open any dashboard or app under the Android table/phone that I can find. The AirTable app seems to lack this feature. If I try to login via a browser on mobile app, it just redirects to the AirTable app.

However, I was following the instructions on creating a sharable apps dashboard (following link) on my laptop. I then decided to see what would happen if I opened the resulting sharable dash link on a mobile browser. The Chrome app displayed the sharable dashboard, read-only, and looks great. Did not redirect to the AirTable app.

Does anyone know why one cannot access the dashboards via the mobile app directly, without the above workaround? Maybe I’m missing something …

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You aren’t missing anything. Dashboards are not included in the UI of the Android/Apple apps. The exclusion was intentional and my guess as to why is it has to do with potentially complex UX design since not all Airtable “apps” code are directly compatible with Airtable’s native mobile environments.

There’s been no word on whether or not Airtable plans on making Apps mobile app-compatible and I highly doubt it would be coming, if at all, any time soon.