Dashboards: How to Move from Base > Interface. Better in Base vs Interface Layout?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have built a couple dashboards in an Airtable Base which I am happy with. But the downside is they are a bit buried and hard for others to find so I am considering leveraging the Interface Designer tool to display them.

  1. What’s the most efficient way to get Dashboards that already exist in a base over to interfaces? It almost seems like I have to re-build them using the interface designer which I am dreadding - is there a quicker way to port them over?

  2. Which area has more graph customization options - building dashboards within a base using the Apps or Dashboards layout w/in Interfaces?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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No. If you want to migrate to Interfaces, you have to rebuild each Dashboard.

If you’re only concerned with graphs, then the Chart Element in Interface Designer is very similar to the Chart App in Dashboards. Technically, you could have more advanced charts in Dashboards if you use the Vega-Lite app instead.

Charts in Interfaces are more interactive in that you can link the chart element to a filter element, whereas apps can’t “talk” to each other.

If you need apps other than charts, Dashboards will offer more variety. The list of available elements in Interfaces is still fairly small since it is a beta.

Hello Kamille, 

Is it possible to make Vega-lite interactive? I would like to see the exact values on my stacked line graph, but I cannot press into the chart.

Additionally, can I create stacked line graphs in the Interfaces Dashboard? And is it possible to move existing charts in the Base Dashboard from Vega-lite onto the Interfaces Dashboard? So far, I am able to create those charts using Vega-lite and place them in the dashboard within the Airtable base, but I would like to see it on the Interfaces Dashboard as all my other charts are on there.