Data suddenly flipped out - switched to incorrect columns

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a couple of tables that were set up perfectly. I was working with a third table in the set, exploring relational functions, when suddenly data from one column piled into my primary column. Since the primary column doesn’t seem to be “linkable” to other tables, I don’t know how this happened – i.e., I don’t think it happened while I was experimenting with relationships. It just – glitched out. I can’t undo it. I don’t think it overwrote info that was in there, but it has pulled in new rows with info from columns that have nothing to do with what’s already in that primary column.

It’s a holiday in the states today (1/20/20), and no one is responding to “Contact Us,” so I thought I’d see if anyone else is online today who may have some ideas.

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Is your primary column a formula field? Is there anyone else working inside your Airtable base that could have changed anything?

No. The primary field is just words.

There are three tables. We are a publishing company. The first table is for Author data, and the primary field is their last name. The second table is for Books, and the primary field is just words again – a column called CODE – just one word so, at a glance, we can spot which book we want to work with. The third table is for a style guide form. Its primary field is also the same CODE word that is the primary field in the Book table.

I have all the authors and their pertinent info entered into the Authors table. Same with the Books. I have been attempting to figure out how to get the fields-in-common to auto-populate – so far, I can only link field by field, but it seems there should be a way to tell the tables to pull in-common fields from each other. I’m still learning this.

But I wasn’t really doing anything to do with this at the time the glitch occurred. I was in the Books table and all of a sudden, the screen flashed, and a bunch of the book titles suddenly showed up on additional lines in the table – but in the CODE field, not the TITLE field. I don’t think anything has overwritten, but they are interspersed all through the table, between the records that were already there.

No one is working in the base but me.