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Data Sync Locked Before I Reached the 50K limit

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Hello… I’m new to airtable.

I have an app that’s synching my shopify inventory with airtable. I have exactly 50,000 products currently so I bought the pro plan allowing 50,000 records per base. However, it has stopped at 24,031. I was on the free promo plan so moved forward and entered my card for billing. But its still locked.

Then I checked usage, and it shows me at 48,178 records. But my table only shows 24,031. Can someone enlighten me on what I’m missing and how to correct it?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


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Hey! Just checking here - Do you only have one table in the base?

If you have multiple tables, it will calculate the total across the base. This might be one for support though, sadly.

Yes, just one table. I originally had a second “view” of the same records and thought perhaps that was the problem. But I deleted the second view and still no change.