Downloaded CSV does not contain formula columns

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4 - Data Explorer

Some of the columns in my table are computed columns or “formulas”.

When I am logged out of Airtable, I access the table by typing in a password we use to allow collaborators to view the table. Then I download the table as a CSV. The CSV file does not contain the computed columns, but it contains all of the other columns.

Next, I log into Airtable and access the same table as a logged-in Airtable user. Then I download the table as CSV. Now, the CSV file contains the computed columns.

To me, this appears to be a bug. Is this the intended behavior or is this an unintended bug?

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Villani_Lab

There are some fields (formulas, date, etc.) that will not convert to the original field after a CSV import.

There were times when I would have really needed that to happen (the fields to remain the same), but, unfortunately it did not.

In terms of the columns, when you do a CSV import you have to make sure that the columns that you import have the the headers and in the correct sequence i. e. DATE, ADDRESS fields in the base, should match, and be in the same position as the CSV file. If the CSV file does not have data for all fields, you could just include the field name only, with no data. This way headers in both the database and CSV file will match.

Hope this information helps.

Mary K

From what I read,@Villani_Lab is looking to export a CSV file, not import it, and is talking about the difference in exported data depending on whether he’s viewing it as an authorized user or in a read-only context.

@Villani_Lab I haven’t seen that kind of difference before, but then again I haven’t done more than a couple CSV exports. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest contacting Airtable support about this.