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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello everyone
This is my first post here.
We are facing serious limitations with airtable, related to limited access to data editing, f. ex for customers and employees.
→ its currently not possible to give a customer access to a view to import data, f. ex to place an order. We can’t create 1 base per client since we store related data in the base.
→ it’s currently not possible to give an employee access to a view to create / edit records, f. ex to create a timesheet. We can’t create 1 base per employee either.
Looking around for a solution we found out that this problem has been addressed since 2018, and that miniExtensions products seem to solve those issues.
Before we start using their products, I would like to ask if someone knows :
does airtable plan to improve those features in short-term, (3-6month)? it seems they released a solution in the past but turned it off. If yes, it doesn’t make sense for us to develop a whole workflow based on miniExtensions
I don’t understand why airtable can’t offer these solutions. We are willing to pay for extra users either on employee or customer side. This money is going to miniExtensions it seems… why is airtable losing this money ?
Thanks for the feedback

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You can do this with portal tools such as MiniExtensions, Glide, Softr, and Stacker.

We do not know if Airtable will be bringing this functionality back, nor what their timeline is for bringing it back. Airtable does not publicly share their future roadmap.

Airtable has publicly stated that

(1) The widespread release of the ability to edit shared views was a mistake and there are no plans to return that particular feature to general availability. It is still available to some enterprise users upon request.

(2) Airtable knows that people wan others to be able to view and interact with Airtable data without access to the entire base.

Building a workflow around a portal (MiniExtensions, Stacker, Softr, Pory, Glide, UI Bakery, etc.) is normal and many people do it.