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Editing Field Permissions- Can someone explain a few things?

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I love the idea behind editing field permissions but I think I’m missing the concept. I hope someone can answer a few questions or give me an example of how they are using this new feature. Thanks in advance.

  1. Is there a way to allow someone to fill in the “blocked” field? Preferably without using forms.

I see potential in the field restriction for an issue we currently have. When a team member inputs project details to send to a 3rd party vendor to price - they are going back and editing these details AFTER they submit the form to the vendor. This is a huge no, as it could cause problems later since the quote will not match the original details.
The only way I can think to avoid this and use the field editing restrictions is by using a form to write up the initial project details then prevent a change on the actual table. Ideas or suggestions?

  1. If a field is restricted what keeps a blocked user from deleting the record? Am I missing something here?

I would love to see how others are using this new feature.

EDIT with additional info

Using Zapier to update from incoming emails (all these requests use the same wording and type font.) Since I have this field locked to prevent updating a form was generated to allow manual input. What’s the best way to make sure the same format and options are used as other requests? For example, all in caps, spelled correctly, no option to create a “new” option, etc.

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Does this doc helps?