Re: Email from Airtable and Allow Recipient to Edit Only Specific Fields

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

We have product information (food industry) in Airtable and often need to contact vendors to clarify information, get updates, etc. I want to be able to email a question to the vendor and allow them to answer in a way that will import to their base (each has their own base). It’s cumbersome keeping track of the status and answers doing this separately in Gmail. So far I’ve:

  1. Set up a pending/complete field so we can flag the records that need answers
  2. Created a “Question” field and an “Answer” field
  3. Determined a few other fields (such as product name, UPC, etc) that should be included in the email.

Is there a way that I can limit them to only editing the “Answer” field?

Is it better to create a table for this function in each base or to create an “Email Launcher” base and link it to all the vendor bases, (then be able to select the base we want to execute from)?

I don’t want to automate the sending of the emails, just to have a solid mechanism to handle the communications.

All suggestions appreciated!

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

One of the ways to do this, is by sending them a URL for a form that allows them to update specific fields in a specific record in Airtable. You can do that with this extension that allows you to generate an ‘editing form’ for each record you have.

Thanks, Moe.
I’ll take a deeper look tomorrow. It looks like you have quite a few solutions to offer.