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Extension that generates a page containing zero empty fields

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I have a table that is a BOM that contains about 66 fields.  In the fields I have material description and qty.  Since I am using this form to allow me to group and do a total count of material needed across all products, each column is a unique material category with dropdown of color to choose from.  

Now I wanted to be able to print the BOM for each product.  I have created a page designer which contains all the material and quantity fields in the template.  The problem is not all fields contain data, so there are a lot of random blank fields when printing each product.  It is not quite user friendly in manufacturing environment.

Is there anyway or an extension that can populate fields that only contains data?  Without manually selecting to hide a field?  

Thanks in advance!


image.pngPage DesignerPage DesignerNot all columns have data filledNot all columns have data filled

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Hi Annie, I'm don't think so I'm afraid. 


As an aside, would you be open to redesigning your base with a junction table?  So instead of having 66 fields, each field representing a single type of material, you'd have a table where you link each record from the "List" to "Material List" as well

For example, you would have three records in this new table for `EDC Roll Top - Alpine`, and they would be linked to "#8 RC Coil Zipper Tape - Shde Grey", "#8 RC Zipper Pull - Silver Dust", "Tactical Grey Hypa.." respectively

With this, you could use the Page Designer to show the linked records, and that wouldn't have any blanks

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the feedback.  Yea the columns are linked to material table.  I'll play around in the page designer to see if I can regroup the items a bit more efficiently to avoid having too many blanks in between.  

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hi Adam,

I am wondering if it is possible to create a duplicate table of product list, and in that duplicate table, the column and rows are swapped.  So, the part numbers are in columns, and the rows are the materials, and I can sort to show only the ones with materials identified.  



Hm, like a transpose?  If so, I don't think that's possible natively and we'd need a script for it

There's a pivot table extension that you may want to check out too

Yea like a transpose.  Thank you for responding!  I will look into it.  Thanks again!