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Find instances in table of a date that falls in the next month

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I have a list of people and their dates of birth. I’d like to know if that birthday falls in the current month. Right now, I have a column, the formula of which is IS_SAME({55th Birthday},TODAY()), which indicates if that birthday is today, but I’d like to see everyone in the list who turns 55 next month. So, in September, the October 55th birthdays are indicated; in October, the November 55th birthdays will be flagged; and so forth.

Then, I’d like to have a column which shows the first business day of that month so that, using Zapier, I can pass that date on to my CRM. So, in the view I’m going to create, I’d like to see, in October, everyone who turns 55 in November, and I’ll want a column with the first business day in November.

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let me know if it errors and ill actually test it