Find Record zap does not get the Base or Table ID, so can't update a record

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I am trying to have a zap find a record based on an email address and then update the record. Unfortunately, the Find Record zap finds the record ID and everything else, except the Base and Table IDs. So when I try to add an Update Record zap, it can’t find it because it requires the Base and Table IDs for the record. I happen to have the Base and Table IDs in an Excel table, but the Update Record doesn’t find the record that way either.

I’m assuming I need the Base and Table ID to be found on the Find Record zap or the Update Record to use the Base and Table IDs from the Excel table. I’ve been emailing support for months now and it has not been resolved.

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Welcome to the community, @Jacque_Elias! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Could you please describe more about the zap you created? To clarify the terminology, the term “zap” refers to the full collection of connected steps, where “Find Record” is an event tied to the Airtable app in a single step. “Find Record” is not a zap itself, but part of a zap.

With that out of the way, could you provide more detail about the other steps in your zap that lead up to the Airtable:Find Record step? I don’t use Zapier nearly as much as Integromat, but because you have to specify the base and table used in the Find Record step, I would be surprised if those same items aren’t available to later steps.

Basically we have several companies that make referrals to us. They use a form on their base to make the referral and then the record goes into another table on the same base, where they can see the progress. I am trying to automatically find the record on the right company’s base and update that record when there is an update of progress on our end. In the zap, the Find Record and Update Record comes after a filter that checks if the lead is a referral. If the lead is a referral, the zap checks Excel tables that has the Base, Table and Record IDs in them, so it can then find the record and update it in Airtable for the right referral company. The Find Record works, but doesn’t provide the Base or Table IDs which is required in the Update Record. When I try to put in the Base and Table ID from the Excel tables, it doesn’t find the record or the fields for me to update either.

Hi @Jacque_Elias,

I think the way you can do this is using Paths on Zapier. So what you will do is define the Base and Table according to the Referral company. You cannot use Zapier to lookup for the Base ID or Table ID.

Alternatively, you can put this data in Airtable instead of Excel, use a lookup field to lookup the company name (which will have to be a linked record) to retrieve the relevant base ID and table ID, then use them in the Zap.

Hope this helps.


Can you provide more detail to the second option? Are you saying I need to add the Base and Table IDs in the table in Airtable in columns like how I have it in Excel? How does linking the records help?

You will have to create a new table with the companies name and Base ID and Table ID.
In the Lead record, you will use the Company name as a Linked Record to this table, then you can use 2 Lookup fields to retrieve the Base ID and Table ID to this referral record. Now you can use the Zap with the info in one record.