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Hi all,

Just want to ask if anyone have encountered upgrading from Free trial to Pro plan and forgot to change collaborators permission level to read-only permission? Now those collaborators are billed and reflected on the latest invoice, is there a way to reverse the previously paid billed collaborators since they're not supposed to be billed and just forgot to downgrade their permission level. As of now those collaborators only have Read-only permissions but they've been already billed on the credit card. I already sent an email to airtable support but as of now there's now response yet. 

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You’ve already done all that you can do. It is now up to support to decide if they will give you a credit for the time you paid for the editors.

Note that Airtable usually pro-rates charges for the amount of time people were billable, so even if support does not find in your favor, you should be charged for only the actual time they were editors.

Also, if you do receive a credit, don’t be pig it shows up as Airtable credits and not an actual refund on your credit card.