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Form auto confirms answer matches information in a base before proceeding

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I have a base that shows me 3 things.

  • Employee Name
  • Vehicle Reg
  • Vehicle Number (via a lookup based on Vehicle Reg)
  • Route Number

These things are dynamic and change every day. Before the employee starts working we ask they fill out a form confirming their name, vehicle and route number. I have configured name & vehicle to prefill when the employee clicks on a link next to their name.

I would like to keep the field on the form that asks them to type route number in. However, I would like their answer to be checked against the relevant record and

  • if answer and base info match relay a message to say ‘Correct, please proceed’
  • if not, ‘ATTENTION, please seek management, do not set off’ (ideally also not allowing them to submit the form)

I would also like to add a lookup field that displays the Vehicle Number on the form (if possible!)


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Hi @Victoria_Read ,

This is not possible directly with Airtable forms. You can however use for something like that.