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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everybody, 

I am attempting to use forms to update fields in my table. I need to be able to pre-populate the other fields in the form with the current information that is in the table, is this possible?

For example: 

I have a table of "Items", and each row has the item name and columns of information about the item- owner, amount, etc. In the form, the first question is "what item would you like to update?" with a linked record to the first column with all the items. When an item is chosen, I'd like the other fields to auto-populate with the current information in the table with that item, so they can see what they're updating. If they choose "Scraper", for example, I want the next field of "How many" to auto-populate with the amount that is in the table, and then of course I want them to be able to edit it if necessary. 

Is this possible, maybe with Zapier? Thank you.

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Hi Kat, you'll probably need to use a third party tool like miniExtensions or On2Air forms for what you're looking to do

Pre-populating fields based off of existing data is possible with Airtable's native functionality (with a somewhat complicated setup), but having the pre-populated data updated based on the linked field the user selects in the first question is not possible with native Airtable forms, thus my recommendation of third party tools