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Hi guys! We are thinking on using airtable forms massively. Do you have any experience on how it perfoms? We are expecting 10.000 replies in one hour. Thank you

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No idea if they’d allow 10,000 form submissions in an hour, but Airtable’s API has a limit of 5 requests per second, which I assume translates over to their forms as well. That would be 18,000 requests per hour, but not sure if you would exceed 5 requests per second or if they would even allow 10,000 form submissions in an hour.

Also, Airtable has a limit of 50,000 records per base on the pro plan, so if you’re expecting more than 50,000 records, you would want to look elsewhere.

I would send an email to to ask them about this, and post back here with what they say!

Typically, JotForm is the professional form tool of choice. Airtable’s form is not designed to be a professional form platform, so you would probably want to look at more professional options like JotForm, which is considered the leader.

JotForm’s gold plan gives you 100,000 submissions per month:

Hi Scott, thank you so much! I am waiting on hearing back from airtable support. As this is a one time situation, we don’t think we will have more than 20.000 records. We have subscribed the pro plan. JotForm is indeed a goos option for professional use. Thanks again!

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I doubt that the limit of 5 requests per second applies to forms. This limit is for the public REST API. Forms do not use the public REST API. The APIs for scripting and custom apps are capable of submitting 15 requests per second, so it is reasonable to assume that forms submissions can be at least 15 per second…