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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am having users attach photos and I would like a way to show the size of a file so that we can have an indication of the size of the file attached. Doesn’t anyone have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m looking into this as well. You can enable “grouping” and then it’ll have an indicator for that specific group of total file size:

I’m trying to then take that total file size and roll it up into a connected table so that it shows up as just a line item. Does anyone know if this is possible? Just as you can pull in “Count”, can you pull in “Total File Size” for attached records using Rollup?

I need the “Total Attachment Size” column to just give the total attachment size for the images column.

Totally happy to calculate this in the original table for the line item if that’s what has to happen:

Can’t seem to figure it out though. Wish I could just take that “18MB” total field and have it passed through as a field in the other base.

@openside you’re a master, any ideas?

Thanks everyone!

Any luck on this? I’m trying to do the same so I can flag any images that are too large.

@Brent_del_Rosario unfortunately not :frowning:

What we ended up doing was using Integromat to shrink the sizes of the images uploaded to like 1/4th the size just in-case at the time of generating the email that we are appending the attachments in Airtable to.

Not ideal, but it has solved the issue for now. Still wish this was a data-point that we could roll-up and have triggered views and such based on it.

Check out this extension:

This is updated version of the post (I missed some pictures in my earlier post):

Has anybody found a solution? Can’t believe there is nobody. Searched google and it doesn’t look like anybody has ever searched or asked same question. Even Integromat community doesn’t have an answer.
The Miniextenion can do that but I can’t justify spending 40 USD for 1 extension if paying 10 dollar for Airtable.

I’ll contact Integromat support, see what they say. It’s easy to get one attachment size with Integromat. You just need the Airtable Watch module and the Airtable Updater module and that will write the attachment file size into a field of your choice.

The problem is, I couldn’t find how to get total size of all attachments in the particular field. Array functions were of no help, it can get files but I wasn’t able to get the sizes to add up. Even tried adding variables etc to no avail.


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