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Formula that will automatically fill in a particular data in a particular field

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I want a formula that will automatically fill in a particular word in a particular field
vendor automate

So the plan is i want to do an automation where by when there is a check box all that data goes to another table which is the re-order list, i have different table for different vendors so i find it unnecessary adding a vendors column field but the reason i added it is so when the automation takes place and the data moves to the re-order table, i will be able to identify that that product is from a particular vendor, i input the vendor name myself but i want a formula that will automatically fill in the vendor coulumn list without me inputing it manually, is it possible?

Please i really need help

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Why have a table for each Vendor and a separate Reorder List table when this could all be done in one table with multiple views? Each view would be filtered by either Vendor = "x" or Re-order = true.