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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello all

I know there is no "one size fits all" answer to this question - but I am desperate to get it resolved.

Keen on anyones ideas / thoughts on a front end solution for Airtable.  At the moment I use lots of shared bases - which does the job, but I would love other users to be able to edit and comment on records.

Requirements are :

  • Ability to edit / update / add Airtable records
  • All data / backend to be stored in Airtable 
  • Needs to look clean / classy / professional / snappy - but I would be creating a functional website used to manage projects - not necessarily sell things
  • Ability for users (that I invite) to be able to log in and add comments   Only up to about 10 users.  Log in process should be very easy (I like Glideapps method of using an email pin)
  • Grouping a list of data essential (ie - grouping by category / type) - just like you can in an Airtable grid view.
  • Scaleable - initially I want to use it as a simple "Maintenance log" - where users can log issues.  Eventually I would like to use it for inventories, schedules, condition reporting etc.
  • Ideally priced around $30 p/month
  • IN active development - being improved all the time

So far I have tried :

  • Softr is winning for me at the moment. Built a nice website this morning.  Could do with a few more layout options - but I may be missing something.  I would need the professional plan which is over my budget though (typically - I only need a little more than the cheapest paid plan offers)
  • Glideapps is promising too - but I have doubts over its scaleability.
  • Stacker just looks too expensive.  
  • Miniextensions looks good, but I just don't get their pricing/
  • Airtable Extensions would have been ideal(ish) - except for the lack of custom domain.  But Airtables pricing is nuts.  I could manage with users just commenting - with 10 users that would be approx $200 p/month - not worth it.
  • Have also tried Pory - didn't get very far - happy to give it another go.


Any thoughts / suggestions would be much appreciated!



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I am leaning towards Glide if anyone is interested. 

anyone have any experience with Glide?