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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi - As a one person marketing team I use Airtable as my master of record for collateral, etc. The sales team has asked for a central repository for materials. a perfectly valid request and I’d like to use Airtable for this as I don’t want to have to populate yet another tool. So, I thought using a gallery view would be a nice approach and, indeed it is a nice visual layout. It’s a shame that I can’t group the gallery by category, only sort and filter seem to be available.

My biggest concern is when a gallery card is clicked, it opens a popup that displays all the fields in the table. Since I use the table for tracking, posting, usage, etc there are a lot of fields, and the vast majority they shouldn’t or it wouldn’t make sense for them to see. All I want them to see when they click on a card is - document title, direct URL and download the file. How can I accomplish this? I’ve tried to create a different grid view, but the gallery always seems to be built off the master grid. I can hide as many fields as I want on the card display, but the click always pulls up all the fields on the back-end. Help!

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Controlling the field visibility in the expanded view of a gallery view is a bit tricky.

  1. Create a temporary grid view and hide the fields that you do not want to show.
  2. In your gallery view, copy the field visibility from the temporary grid view.

Thanks, it looked like it was going to work. I copied the field visibility for the new grid and that worked for the card only. When the gallery card itself is clicked all the fields in the master grid are visible.

How are you sharing the gallery view? Are you sharing only the gallery view itself, or are you sharing the entire base? This method only works if you share only the gallery view itself.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

That’s it! Thank you