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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! I've been searching across the Airtable (AT) community for answers, and none so far.

I am trying to create a production schedule that has multiple dependencies across time. I followed the template that AT provided. I also included a new formula (found through the AT community) so that the End date is calculated by using the Start Dates and duration (Days it takes) for each task while excluding weekends. IF Formula below:

IF(AND({Start Date},{Days it takes}),WORKDAY({Start Date},{Days it takes}), {Start Date})


The Main Problem:

When I go into Gantt view, I am not able to click and drag on a task box to move the start and end date.

This shows up as one of the things mentioned that should be available in the Gantt View. I found it from "Working with records in the Gantt view" on Airtable:

"You can also adjust the dates that a record begins and ends (without changing its duration) by clicking and dragging the bar earlier or later on the timeline."

How do I solve this?

I would like to keep the former formula in my Grid view in order to keep the workday calculations I've made. Any suggestions are welcome!



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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Unfortunately, the click and drag functions in Gantt view aren't available if one of the date fields is a formula/calculation, since formula fields cannot be edited by users (which is what you're doing when you click and drag in Gantt view).

If you convert your calculated End Date field to a standard date field, it should keep all the existing date data. You can then change your Days It Takes field to be a formula (End Date - Start Date).  That might not be ideal for your workflow, but I find that it's worth it in order to retain the drag capabilities in Gantt.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Liz_Shaw,

Thanks for your reply!

Converting the calculated End Date to a standard date field helped my process.

Not sure why I would need to change the "Days It Takes" field to a formula (End Date - Start Date), but I appreciate the suggestion. Let me know if I missed something with what you meant by this.

The click-and-drag capabilities on Gantt are super useful and am glad I found a workaround with your help.