Getting data from two forms to feed into the one line item

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4 - Data Explorer

Ok this is doing my head in -
I am trying to make a database of each lead that comes to us - so they call up and we take their details (it is inputted into our main Airtable grid), then the lead adds to that information in a Pre-Appointment Form that is sent to them & finally an Appointment form is completed.
I need all this information to feed into one line entry but at the moment it is coming up in three separate entries. Can anyone help?

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Welcome to the forum, Nicole! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Unfortunately for your situation, forms always make new records. There isn’t currently a way for a form to edit (or append to) an existing record.

Is it not possible for the lead to directly edit the initial record that’s made, for both the Pre-Appointment and Appointment phases? One possible way to achieve this would be to first add each lead as a collaborator in the base, assign the lead via a field to specific records that need to be updated with Pre-Appointment or Appointment data, then build a custom view for each lead that only shows them their assigned records. That way they can directly edit the records they need without making new ones via forms. Depending on how many leads you have in your organization, the setup for this may take a while, but for a small group it might work well.

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10 - Mercury

We’ve built a form extension that allows you to edit existing records. And it supports creating line items inside the form as well.