Re: Help! I have no idea what my extensions are and they are expiring in two days!

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4 - Data Explorer

I am using the free version with what I thought were just the basics. I am getting a notification that I have too many extensions and that they are disappearing on July 27. I can’t get a hold of anyone from Airtable. I really don’t know what extensions I am using and although I consider myself fairly tech savvy, their information on extensions is confusing.

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Open your airtable base, on the right hand side press the Extensions button. you will see al of your extensions, They are also grouped by Dashboard in the same panel so make sure to check all the dashboards.

Extensions is the new name for Apps, which was the new name for Blocks

In 2 days airtable will only disable them not delete them.

Hey @Susan_Parkins!
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Your base’s extensions can be found by opening the Extensions tab located near the top right of your base.
Furthermore, if you open the Extensions tab into fullscreen, you’ll be able to easily see all of your Extensions.

Don’t worry, the data seen here is all test data.

If you have Extensions active in your base (that you’re actively using), then they won’t be hard deleted, merely disabled.

You can proactively manage what is active/inactive by using the dialog attached to each Extension.