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4 - Data Explorer


I have some data I have collected from 2 separate clients I have done work with throughout the past couple of years. Is it possible to create 2 separate tables that  pull the information from the original created table and separate them into the 2 separate tables ?

The goal is to be able to continue adding data to the original table but it that will automatically update the other 2 tables. The 2 table data's with be shared with each specific client and I don't want them to see their competitors project information

Hopefully that makes sense. I have attached an example of my original table and clients name is the data I would airtable to separate into different table

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @brittany_Barnes,

Yes it's possible. There are so many avenues you could take to do this. It really depends on how you want the data two work between the other tables. As a vague suggestion, I would separate the tables with different pieces of essential data and then link them up. You can also use Automations to update the linked fields when new records are added or updated.

I would like to suggest more but when it comes to base design and automations, it really depends on individual specific needs. 
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