How can I append a linked record to many records, without overwriting already linked records?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a packing list table and a list of trips, which are linked. I want to be able to add 50+ things to pack to a trip at once. What I can do is select all the things and then paste a linked record of a trip to the linked field. However, once there are already links, such paste will overwrite them. What I want to do is to append a trip to many things to pack at once, without touching existing linked trips per thing.

I moved from Notion to Airtable, cause I thought that airtable being more of a dedicated database app would be able to do that, but I’m failing to find such an operation. Am I missing something?

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A hacky way to do it is to have a second (perhaps temporary) link field, paste your new 50 selections there, have a formula field that concatenates both link fields together with a comma separator, then copy/paste the formula field into the original link field. Not exactly convenient but I can’t think of a better solution that doesn’t involve a script of some kind.