Re: How can I create a summary of tasks completed by user?

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I’m working with a base that has a number of tables broken down by category that archive information from different team members. We’d like to be able to track and share out via a weekly email how many ‘rows’ each team member added across the entire base that week. I’m really at a loss as to how to do this in an efficient way. Any ideas?

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Hi @Victoria_Knox
The absolute simplest way would be to add a Created By field. Then group on that field, and filter to the date range you want. You can save this as a view if you want to revisit it. Airtable will automatically add up all the records created by the person.

Are you planning to send the email from Airtable? If so you will need to do a little more to get those numbers. Let me know.

Thanks for your response! I’ll look into that today. And yes, I was planning on sending the email through Airtable.