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How can you connect BigQuery tables to Airtable?

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Hey there!

So I am trying to figure out if this is even possible, we are trying to hook up some database tables (BigQuery) to airtable. I have gone through the API docs and I see there could be a method of uploading JSONs periodically to airtable, but I feel like there are a lot of limitations there. I’m wondering if anyone has done something similar to this?

We use our database as a source of truth, and ideally want to clone the tables from there so that they can be used in airtable freely.

Any thoughts / advise is appreciated, thanks!

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I would check out Integromat, which has full BigQuery support:

You need to define “can be used in Airtable freely”, but assuming this is a read-only utilization, it’s relatively simple if you are comfortable with script actions and webhooks.

You need an Airtable webhook to listen for Big Query change events and act on those events (with a script action) to pull updated rows from your various Big Query tables using its API.

You could use something like Integromat but there are some downsides - choose wisely.