Re: How do I create a field that has link to a folder (or File) on my Mac

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4 - Data Explorer

I am planning on doing a clean install, totally reinstalling my MAC when Apple releases the next version of the OS this Sept.

In preparation I wanted to create an Air Table with the license keys and more importantly the location to the installation files.

I would like to be able to click on the field and then open the location of the install files.

Thanks in Advance.


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Welcome to the community, Steve! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: While Airtable can store files easily, it can’t link to local files. All URL fields attempt to open links in your browser. You could save the path in a text field, but there’s no way to click on the path and have it open the Finder and navigate to the file or folder. The best you can get is to copy the path from the field, Command-tab to the Finder, Shift-Command-G to go to a path, paste the path, and hit Enter.

This is also of interest to me as I am looking at replacing and old sharepoint system with your airtable product potentially. In the sharepoint system, I was able to have record data concatenated to form a string that was formatted as a hyperlink that opened local file storage on a network server so users could instantly drag or retrieve documents from the folder associated with the record. The idea was to have a batch folder creator pre-populate empty folders in a directory that had the naming convention that was part of the auto-numbering system in the database.

I see that there is a capacity to write scripts as actions for triggers … but since I am using the free “test” pilot version of your product, scripts are not available to me. My question is therefore, is it possible to create a work around to the issue with opening a local folder via hyperlink using a scripted action that is trigger on clicking said hyperlink? IE like a macro that could copy a file path, open a program IE Windows Explorer and paste the path and hit enter?

If that could be done, we could use Air Table. If that cannot be done, it would be a deal breaker for us.

Welcome to the community, @mike_power! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: I don’t believe this will work. I just ran a quick test using a local file URL in both a button field and a URL field, and nothing happened when using either option. My gut says that local file URLs are being internally blocked for security reasons. While Airtable is great for some things, it’s not great for everything, and this feels like one of those cases in the latter category.

Hi there.
Short Q please.
I want to upload a file in airtable.
I am doing it with integromat. Integromat asks for “FILE URL” informaiton and I don’t know how to get it. Maybe you can help me.


The file has to be online somewhere. In the “File URL” field in the Integromat setup dialog, you either enter a literal URL for an online file, or (more likely) insert a reference to a URL from an earlier module in the scenario.

Did you ever create a script to open a local file folder? I need this!