How do I show running total of a cash register?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello everybody!

I’m creating a database to track all cash activities (inputs and outputs) from a cash box at the office.
I’d like to have a column where we keep track of the total remaining balance after each transaction, whether it was an input or output, on the same base.
A formula that I’d like to replicate is Remaining Balance = Previous Balance - Debit + Credit. How would you do that in Airtable?

Here’s a look at the base in question: Airtable - Grid view.


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Hi @Marc_Karam and welcome to the community!

I’m getting an error:

Since you can’t calculate things across records, I simply add a third formula field where I calculate the balance per record: IN field - OUT field. That way, you can make the summary in the bar below your records (or per IN/OUT if you group them). Would that work for you?