How do you restore a base after 7 days has passed?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello. I recently deleted a base by accident. And now more than 7 days have passed. I’ve found documentation on how to restore bases within 7 days, but how can you restore after the 7 have passed? When I click on my Trash icon, I only see a message that says “Nothing has been deleted within the last seven days.”

Help is greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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There’s nothing we here can do for you. It sounds like you’re on a plan with the more limited revision/deletion history length.

Your recourse is to ask if its possible to restore your base.

It looks like restoring a deleted base is 7 days for all plans, even Enterprise.

I feel like I’ve restored a base after a longer time than that, but am likely mistaken.

If the base still exists, you can restore a snapshot that is older than a week. But once the base is deleted, it is gone after seven days. You might be able to contact support and see if they can get it. If support can help, please report back.