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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone, new airtable user here.
I’m trying to manage my projects using airtable. So I’ve created a simple base with clients, projects, and todos. Now I want to share it with my teammates and clients. One thing I’m finding very difficult is sharing a base with restricted view access. First, I don’t want my collaborators to see data in the clients table. I only want to share the todos table, I checked every sharing option, but I don’t think there is a way to share only a table. Also, I want to share a view with editor access with my client; so the client can check the progress and add or remove tasks as they please. With my brief time with airtable, I don’t think I can do either of these. Am I missing something here? or is my setup or thinking wrong?

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You aren’t missing anything. If you want people to be able to edit data but not see everything in your whole base, you need a portal. Most portals have a monthly fee. You can search these forums for suggestions.