How to copy a table from a Snapshot back into the Original Base?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey y'all!

Some fields were deleted in table-1 of base-1. I then created a snapshot of base-1 from before the changes were made, let's call that base-2.


How do I copy/move the good data from base-2 table-1 INTO base-1 table-1?


I'd like to do this without changing any table IDs that could impact downstream usecases.


Any pointers?


Thanks in advance!


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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Harpal! While you can definitely copy and paste data into Base 1 from a snapshot, if this would create entirely new records, the underlying record IDs would be distinct from the original records and could disrupt existing processes if there are any reliant on specific IDs. That being said, if the cells still exist for the original record(s), pasting data in would absolutely work and keep the original record IDs as well. Perhaps simpler than that, if the deletions were within the past 7 days, you'd likely have more success restoring these from the base trash, where the original record id would be intact. Hoping this can help!