How to create an IF(OR()) Formula to display an alert

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone,

I am a beginner in airtable and I can’t manage to get something done:

My records are food products that all have up to 3 expiry dates, displayed in 3 date fields (Date 1, Date 2, Date 3). I then have 3 fields showing the number of days before expiry (Expiry 1, Expiry 2, Expiry 3).

So far I have only managed to create this:

IF({Expiry 1} < 30, “ :warning: Need for a Promotion :warning: ”, “ :white_check_mark: All Good :white_check_mark: ”)


I am trying to create a formula that would display “Need for a Promotion” if ANY of the 3 expiry dates was under 30 days from today and “All Good” if NONE of the 3 expiry dates were under 30 days.

This being beyond my skills, I ask for your kind help.
Thank you in advance!

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You essentially already wrote the formula:

IF(OR({Expiry 1} < 30,{Expiry 2} < 30,{Expiry 3} < 30), "Need for a Promotion", "All Good")

Hello Kamille, thank you so much.

I´m sure it is pretty basic but it is precisely what I was looking for.

I really appreciate the help.