How to expand search functionality in Airtable

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Here’s a short Loom video that explains my question with examples:

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Yeap got it, I’ve put the automation together in your base and it should be working as expected!

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Hmm! If you have a lot of automations to spare, you could:

  1. Create a new table called Search or something
  2. Create a new field in Content called “URL Match” or some such
  3. Create an automation that triggers when a new record gets created in Search, and its action would be to find records in the Content table that match the URL in this newly created record, and then update the URL Match field

Your workflow would then be to go to your Sheet, grab the URLs, paste them into the Search table, creating one new record per URL, and the automation would look in the Content table for records matching each URL that was pasted in, does that make sense?

If you don’t have automations to spare, you’d probably need to make a scripting extension for this I think, and you’d just have a textbox and paste the URLs in, run the extension, and it’d automagically update the URL Match field on its own

You can also hire me to set up either option for you too if you don’t want to deal with it!

Um, yes. But that really doesn’t advance the process since there are so many manual steps. I would approach it this way @Cara_Haynes -

  1. Find a way to sync your GA list into an Airtable table.
  2. Create a relational reference between your cards and the GA list; now you have all related GA URLs in your card view

Optionally, you may want to abstract the GA URLs list from the cards with an intermediate view so that you can manage the ebb and flow of the analytics results.

#1 can be done with Make, Zapier, or an Airtable-based script. Data Fetcher also has a pretty good solution for this.

Thank you! This does seem like it would solve my problem.

Thank you for your response, Bill! Could you explain to me more what you mean by relational reference? I’m still relatively new to Airtable. Also, how would I abstract the GA URLs from the cards with an intermediate view and what exactly is an intermediate view? If it would be easier for you to explain this over video, I would very much appreciate it if you could make a Loom video explaining your process by showing me in Airtable, but I also understand if that would be too much work to replicate the same scenario.