How to format date for 'send Slack message' automation action

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I use Airtable for editorial management. I’ve created an automation that will send a Slack message to my team when a story is published or scheduled to be published. I would like the message to include the information (date and time) for when the story was published or is scheduled for. I know how to set up the trigger, action, and various other pieces of information I want the message to include — the part I’m struggling with is how to format the date and time for Slack.

I found an article from Slack about how to format dates. I also found this Airtable community discussion about formatting dates for automated email actions. So combining the two, I wrote:

Publication details: <!date^DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Publication Date}, 'America/Chicago')), 'M/D/YYYY at h:mm')>

But it’s still not displaying correctly. I’ve also created a formula field that converts my publication date field to unix time and then I tried to insert that string into what I’ve written above, but that didn’t work either.

Hope someone out there knows the answer! Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Have you tried escaping the letter "a" in the word at, like so?


DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Publication Date}, 'America/Chicago'), 'M/D/YYYY \at h:mm')