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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello! Does anyone know how I can pull something like this off?

In my first column of my master table I have a column called “Serial Number” in the second column I have a “Log” that are linked records from another table.

What I want to do is in the third column, is count how many unique records are in my “log”

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Do you want to know how many unique records are linked from each record in your master (serial number) table, or do you want to know how many unique logs are linked-to by all records in [Master]? That is, do you want to know {Serial Number} 'SN001' has 5 links to [Log], representing links to three unique [Log] records, or do you want to know, of the twenty unique records in [Log], {Serial Numbers} 'SN001', 'SN002', and 'SN004' link to eight? Both are possible, but they use different techniques.

This! I’d love to follow up with this! I’m trying to sort what Sales Team sold what inventory. Primary field Inventory name, Linked “retailer” field with salesman name, the retailer table is made from the total sales table where each salesman is also listed per product. If know 10 of a specific items sold, I need to know how many of the total 10 did each individual sell. I kindof have it going with a formula, but it’s only working on the fields where there’s only one salesman.Capture2